• TJSH-65T
● 可配置单冷却油温的冷冻机或恒温润滑油(加热+冷冻装置)机;
● 采用气动马达调模深浅装置(调整滑块闭合高度);
● 领先的动态平衡系统,将噪音及震动降至最低,使冲床拥有最佳的精度和平稳度;
● 独立控制箱。有液晶显示屏,操作简单,功能齐全。另有副控制键装在床身两侧;
● 在曲轴、连杆、销轴套及中心柱等结构中采用了大面积接触的硬度高,耐磨性极好,不容易产生抱轴现象,能适应高负荷(20Mpa)和高滑
动速度(8 m/s)的高级合金铜衬套和轴瓦。使衬套和轴瓦的单位面积受力极小,即使偏心的负荷也能保持稳定、良好的冲压精度,达到延
● 床身、底座、滑块、飞轮、连杆等重要铸件,均采用高的强度和耐磨性极好的合金球墨铸铁,并经人工时效处理。具有质检部门有效检测报告
● 冲床整机采用日本原装进口轴承,确保机台能高速、高精度、长寿命安全运行。
● H i g h - s p e e d p r e c i s e p u n c h p r e s s w i t h s i x - c i r c l e p i l l a r a n d t w o c e n t e r s Lubrication system:
● Refrigerator which works only to cool the oil temperature or homoeothermic lubrication machine(heating + cooling device) can be allocated;
● Pneumatic motor mold depth regulator (adjusting the die-height of sliding block);
● Advanced mobile balance system can help lower noise and vibration to the minimum, so as to ensure the best precision and balance;
● Independent controlling box. With liquid crystal screen, it's easy to operate and has versatile functions.There are additional controlling keys installed at sides of the punch press.
● Advanced alloy copper cover and bush have been widely applied in the structures of cranks,connecting rods, axle covers and central pillars. covers and bushes have high degree of hardness and grinding resistance. Besides, they can bear high loading (20Mpa) and high sliding speed and are not easy to cause axis holding situation. In this way, the pressure held by unit area of the cover and bush is reduced to the minimum, which make them maintain steady and excellent punching precision despite the eccentric loading, so as to extend the service life of the punch press.
● F o r a l l t h e imp o r t a n t c a s t c omp o n e n t s s u c h as b o d y, f o u n d a t i o n, s l i d i n g b lock , f l y w h e e l a n d connecting rod, etc., modular cast iron high intensity and grinding resistance is adopted and treated with artificial ageing method. According to the inspection reports made by the quality inspection
department, the performance of machine body is steady, the precision degree reliable and the damping capacity excellent.
● All the bearings rods applied in the press are imported form Japan, so as to ensure that the machine can work safely with high speed, precision and longer
service life.